Drank too much coffee at night…

… so I got back up to brainstorming about what I want to do for t-shirts. I want to use a paintbrush and fabric dye to freehand on shirts, but I haven’t decided whether to buy American Apparel crew necks or v-necks yet. Any suggestions? Since the designs I want to do will be in a rectangular shape, I figured crew necks will probably give more room for it. But, IMO, v-necks are sexier. Dilemma.

I now have two little black books in my life; moleskin black hardcover schedule book and a black leather-bound sketchbook. The paper in the sketchbook is quite thick so I’m able to use different mediums if I want to. The most exciting thing about new sketchbooks is that they are empty and hold so much promise! Eeee!