Sweet Tooth

I absolutely love the tiramisu at La Scala, a cafe in Walnut Creek that opens late every night. It’s usually filled with students with their laptops, old guys chatting over cappucinos and gossiping youngsters nursing their hot chocolates. Su Su and I got chai tea lattes, our (huge) square of tiramisu, and grabbed a seat at our usual table (which is the third from the right, against the large window facing the back patio). We’ve come here often enough for it to be our “usual”, and I couldn’t have picked a better, more chill location in Dub-C than this.

It’s here that daily troubles and worries are discussed, mowed over and and solved. It’s also here that brainstorming, sketching and sharing of ideas happen. At the end of the day, I’m never sure if its just the sweets I’m craving, or if its the good company.