Canvas Bag: Part I

My sister and I began to paint our canvas bags tonight. We both started off with the color teal, and its part coincidence and part on purpose; I only have 3 colors, and teal just happen to be the only good base color. I began painting the facial features to my bag (see design from previous post) and must wait until tomorrow when the teal paint dries, to paint on the yellow overall pattern. And then after that, I can paint on the red “cheeks”.

Canvas Bag - painting on facial features

We’re painting these bags instead of screen printing because I don’t own screen printing equipment. I wish I could crank one out in one night, but for now, I’m ok with having to do it slowly by hand.


Progress: Untitled, 2

I’m done with the first pencils. After the layer of color I still plan to finish with pencil and perhaps metallic inking for pattern-work. Kien and I are brainstorming titles and for now, the theme of “sinister, cynical, dark yet beautiful” is the starting point. I don’t think I’ll really know until I finish everything. Things only get named after the arduous process of becoming that “thing”.

My sister got large canvas bags and tonight we’re going to paint them. I can’t wait for this long-overdue craft session!