Finished! Untitled #1 ~ Rabbit + Bag

Untitled Rabbit - Finished watercolor, putting on another layer of pencil

Progress - Layering on the pencil

I drank 3 traveler’s mug worth of black tea and 1 mug of coffee, so by the end of the day I wasn’t sleepy at all. So, I just took my time and finished the watercolor painting I started last weekend. I went to Utrecht yesterday and purchased a bottle of gold metallic (acrylic) archival ink for dipping pens, and used it for some pattern touch ups on this painting. I think the over result is definitely not something I expected; this style is very different from my usual cartoony-cutesy style, and believe it or not, this was more my style back in high school. I think I definitely need more practice in the watercolor areas but loved layering pencil over the color. It was a very interesting and enriching texture, having the graphite rub off on the chalkiness of the watercolor. I think it helped make the graphite appear thicker and richer in black.


Details - slowly drawing the outline


Details - putting on the gold embellish pattern

Finished! ^^


Finished Bag!

And last but not least I also finished my bag! Once I iron this baby I can finally use it!