Untitled ~ Goat & Random stuff

Untitled - Goat

I’ve started on the next painting in this animalistic/flower/thing series. It’s a goat. Kind of creepy, but it will be beautiful, anyway. Finished the first layer of pencil while at Starbux with Sus. The flower will be chrysanthemums…

the wall against my desk

Sometimes when I’m drawing I need to take a rest, and when I look up, the above is what I see. These paper stencils are of my series, “Creatures of Habit” and every time I finished one, I would stick the stencil on the wall. Soon, they were all lined up like one happy, quirky group of friends, just chillin’ there on my wall. And randomly, the three Polaroids below are of my old dog, Angel, who passed away two years ago. I still miss her, but she’s in dog heaven now!