#13 Bodies of Water

With the coming and going of rain these past couple of weeks I’m able to find all sorts of interesting “landscapes” in my backyard. Note that my backyard isn’t the perfectly trimmed or designed yard, but at least for now its green and full of character. I found this little “beach” in a corners of the yard, where the water dripping from the roof made a large puddle that revealed the rocks beneath the dirt. And from this, Critter Lake is born! I personally am a big fan of beaches. It doesn’t matter rain or shine, if you take me to North Beach up in Marin, I could sit there and stare for hours on end. There’s something about watching a large moving body of water that completely wipes away all thoughts, good or bad, and it leaves you feeling resolved.


#12 Smile More

When I’m walking to do errands, people have told me before that I walk very fast and that my expression has always been severe. It doesn’t help that when I’m running errands I’m also thinking over issues and problems, but I will try my best to put on my most positive face! It’s time to take the pace down a couple mph’s and loosen up those smiling muscles a bit.

In A Bubble

Sometimes I feel like I live in my own little bubble of comfort and quiet, but its always good to have visitors who will liven up the day. Even though there are times when you just want to be a hermit, your friends still swing by regardless and say, “Hey, you wanna hang out?” Feeeeeel the love :)

#11 Romantical

They say Spring is the time for romance. For me, Spring is the time to begin reuniting with friends and restrengthen forgotten relationships. It’s a time to emerge from your Winter slumber and wake up to the stirring of anxiousness and excitement. Perhaps the romance people feel is not with each other, but with the changing seasons. Out goes the biting cold and in comes the slight warmth of the new sun and soft blooming scent of flowers. The playful shyness that surrounds baby Spring certainly can make anyone fall in love with her.

#10 No Place

Where do you go to take a breather? Everyone has a “secret spot”, where nothing exists except for the peace in our minds. It’s quiet there; no one will bother you, pester you, ask you, “why do you live your life this way?” This place will forever be safe, and you’ll never be obligated to explain or reveal it.

Raffle & shop!

My shop page is now up :) It was really stressful going through PayPal to see how it works but I figured it out! In promotion to launching my shop, I’m going to have a raffle to giveaway one of each print, framed nicely in a black metal frame. Please join my Facebook fanpage and comment on the welcome note to enter in a raffle to win one of the two prints!

I caught whatever cold my brother had this past weekend so I think I’ll go to bed early tonight >___< I also found an abandoned, small wasp’s nest today on the floor, perfect as a “house” for my creatures!

my little worlds

I don’t know what it is, but lately I’ve been itching to write a short story and do some photo+illus to go along with it. Although my digital camera isn’t a DSLR, it’s able to take decent micro shots of plants and stuff.

I took these in my backyard and on this microscopic view, I can already imagine my little creatures running around in this “big world”. Perhaps I should take my camera out to the Tilden botanical gardens for this. Through these photos I see a completely different space and time, almost as if I have to slow down to notice it. This world seems quiet, elusive and subtle, where creatures can hide or go about their own daily routines unnoticed, right under our noses. Maybe the story I want to write is about the “small life”, but I’m not much of a writer… this could take awhile ;)

I tend to take photos while making sure there is that blank space where my creature will reside. Perhaps skill-wise I’m not very pro, but I hope that whatever I capture contains enough balance and illustrative quality for me to build onto. It’d be really fun to collaborate with photographers though, so whoever is interested, please, let’s have it a go!