Temporary Tattoos FAIL, Awesome Decal WIN

So the temporary tattoos didn’t work out as I had planned. The entire process was a little nerve-wracking at first because I was so scared I was going to eff it up (which I almost did at some point, V can testify), and considering each sheet cost about $6 each, I wasn’t about to do it roughly. It’s a really neat process though, and I got to see how a temporary tattoo is created:

1. You print on a special paper where the ink lays on the layer and dries like a film, to be picked up later by a layer of sticky film.

2. Below is when the sticky film is applied, so now you have something that looks like any other temporary tattoo… except mine is more awesome because its custom-made.

3. Now the application is where it made me really disappointed; after applying the “tattoo” like normal, I peel back the paper to see that the film has the appearance of a saran wrap rather the semi-skin-like texture most temp tattoos should have.  SIGH. Disappointed! My skin couldn’t breathe, and when you peel it off its like those clear plastic band aids.

As disappointed as I was, however, I quickly realized that although these little creatures won’t be serving as tattoos, they make pretty sweet see-through decals. As long as you put it on a surface that is water-resistant (because you need water to apply these to the surface) you can put it on pretty much anything. I suggest binders, walls, wood, whatever that has a textured surface for the sticky part to grip. There are currently only three designs, and all three were inspired from my Creatures of Habit series. Below are some that I’ve cut out already, but I’m gonna do another sheet of them so I can give 1+ decals to each person who’s requested them :)


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5 Responses to Temporary Tattoos FAIL, Awesome Decal WIN

  1. lily says:

    me? yes? whoohoo~ Those look absolutely great! Too bad it’s not working out exactly as you wanted it to, but it looks like you’ve found another awesome(r) use for them!

  2. susu says:

    i want the one on the left!!

  3. christina says:

    oh oh oh, can I has one? They’re all so cute!

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