Polar bear series finished!

I took these babies outside last night to spray down with some acrylic UV protective fixer. It smelled terrible but the wind from this crazy weather blew most of the fumes out of my way. I’m really excited to get these displayed at Touchstone’s Diablo Rock gym this coming November. It’s gonna be really fun to be able to show an original piece rather than prints, which is what the rest of my work will be.

In this series I think my favorite piece would be the third one, with the autumn colors for background. However, since it was my last piece, I think I also painted it much bigger than the first two. The photos don’t do this series justice since I couldn’t get the lighting right to show the metallic powder I’ve used with the watercolor. It looks really cool in person, especially with the wood texture as well.

See more of this series on my website!


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One Response to Polar bear series finished!

  1. Kyle Scollin says:

    These are really cute. Its really interesting to see how your style translates over to wood. I love how peaceful you are able to make them seem.

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