Decal photos from all over!

After sending out my first round of test-decals to friends, I’ve received some amazing photos back of where the decals have ended up! Whether its on laptops, phones or baby wipe warmers, my creatures are having fun chillin’ in their new homes :) Thanks to everyone who sent a photo in!

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Bears~ some more character sketches

Julie have started putting together some preliminary writing on the first story, but while she is working on that she also gave me some more character direction for two other characters. This one focuses on the relationship between a grandparent and the grandchild, and how the kid can sometimes take that love for granted and not realize it until its gone. I didn’t get around to coloring them with watercolor this time, but I think you can still get a sense of what I’m trying to portray.

Doing these sketches really remind me of my own grandma. I was born in Taiwan and during my first couple of years my grandparents took great care of me while my parents worked. My grandma (on my dad’s side) is a teacher and would be the most patient person with me, even when I was a misbehaving toddler. I remember this one time I accidentally locked myself in the bathroom (the lock was one of those old-school sliding post ones that was kinda rusty, so it got stuck) and I cried and cried and cried… all the while my grandma spoke calming words to me from the other side of the door. Eventually I stopped crying and pried open the lock myself, but the best part was laughing and crying at the same time and seeing how my grandma thought this whole ordeal was funny, too. Now I’m literally on the other side of the world and I rarely see her. I can tell this story is gonna do me some good for sure :)

Bounceback with Mei #2

Mei and I got together for some lunch and bouncebacks today. See our full bounceback progression here.

Bears – a collab

My friend Julie Chow and I are doing a collaboration project that involves her incredible writing and my illustrations. We got together at Au Coquelet this Tuesday to brainstorm and bounce inspiration off of each other. Based on her written pitch and notes I started doing some character sketches to get things visually moving. Of course this is only the tip of the iceberg, since we have so much still to explore, but quite frankly I’m really glad she came up with this collab idea! I had been drilling myself on creating some new hand-drawn projects, but with this collab I feel like I have a stronger sense of direction. Anyway, below are a couple sketches I’ve done… more to come (this is gonna be a long-term collab, with the end product aiming as a publication piece.) Sigh, and I have no idea why my scanner is scanning these horrendous lines. I was too lazy to take them out in Photoshop :/

Bounce back with Kyle Scollin

Last night Kyle and I got down to do a bounce back session, and we got to round 3 before some technical problems came up. Despite of that I think we were even more excited when we picked it back up tonight and finished with 6 rounds total! Our rules were basically “anything goes”, using an artboard of 800x800px and basically any medium you want. Kyle deployed more of a photo-realistic collage style while I did mostly random sketches and doodles. We didn’t expect the outcome but the results are amazing! A lot of fun, and a lot of moments of just laughing out loud on my end after seeing what each other have done in each round. It was very exciting waiting for our files to upload in our Dropbox. I wish Flickr would have bigger file sizes but this should give you an idea of the stuff we created on canvas.

I feel totally refreshed now and creatively recharged. This is something that I definitely want to do again :)