Bears – a collab (progress)

Met up with Julie today to discuss our long-term collab project; a children’s storybook centered around a little bear. I needed to do some color sketches to visualize the stylistic direction and these are a couple of progress sketches so far. We decided that we like the hand-carved, intimate feel that the pencil and watercolor combination gives the illustrations, but I need to add more color so my palette isn’t too flat. The faint neutral palette so far is good, but no enough “umph” just yet.


Tofu galore!

In June I worked on some small illustrations for a tofu article in the Hyphen Magazine! The article insert talks about the different ways to cook tofu so I came up with 7 cute (and delicious) ideas. You can see the details on my website.

I’m getting a copy of the magazine issue soon in the mail so I will scan and update this post later!

#23 Our Adventures

I’m trying too hard to define where I should be. Having to apply a definition to the state of being that I’m currently in is exhausting, but sometimes I feel that if I don’t, how will I know what I’m to become in the future? If the destination is not as important as the process of getting there, then there must be a considerable amount of risk to take. Who’s to say I won’t end up where I originally planned to? But, then again… who’s to say that where I end up is wrong? Perhaps if the journey is exciting and enjoyable, where I end up just becomes the period to the story, and not the definition of my entire adventure.

#19 Spotting

One thing I learned with climbing is that when it seems like you’re making a scary decision, its always ok to ask someone to watch your back. No matter if you’re climbing with strangers or with familiar people, if it looks like you’re about to do something relatively risky, someone will come along to spot you. I find it extremely reassuring to be able to just run decisions through friends to get their outlook; perhaps they can see my questions from another angle, providing advice or warning on something I never saw before. With every decision scrutinized over and executed, I truly appreciate those who’re spotting me, taking care that I make it to the top alright.

#18 Playing Catch-Up

Sometimes I feel like I’m playing catch-up. It could be that when I create goals for myself I set it unrealistically high and that causes me to fall behind, or have the illusion that I am falling behind. In one sense setting a higher-than-usual goal can motivate someone to surpass their comfort zone, but in certain cases it just causes unnecessary stress and self-doubt. Could I do it? Why can’t I do it well? Am I going backwards instead of forwards? One thing to keep in mind is that even if you’re struggling with a challenge, the only person to compete with is yourself. After remembering this, I find it easier to pace myself, whether its for a project or a sharp incline hike up the mountains; everyone has their own unique pace, its not too fast, not too slow, but just right for them.

#17 Nara

It’s been a week since I last posted about Japan. This photo was taken at Nara, on a cement post overlooking the city and the mountains. It was a very sunny and windy location, and although it was cold, families still traveled there to be blown away by the spectacular view. Its a spot to be enjoyed not alone, but with company, whether it is with your family or close friends. Taking a deep breath of air on top of a mountain always puts my thoughts into perspective…

#16 Kobe

I don’t know how to fully sum up my trip to Japan in words, so I have decided to use my photo-illustration style to express most of it to you.
I have taken a micro shot at each of the four cities I have been to, and the first one is Kobe. This was taken at the port of Kobe, and you can see the Mosaic shopping center as well as the ferris wheel in the background. It was chilly and a little windy, but I felt so relaxed walking along the pier overlooking the ocean. My mom and I stayed in the Hotel Okura, which overlooks a part of the port. It seemed like there is a quiet inner peace that Kobe exudes to anyone who passes through its water gates.