P.O.E. – Snake (progress)

Still in the experimenting process of filling in the negative space around the figure. Who knew sweet pea blossoms could add another level of delicacy? I think I’ve just been drawing so many cute things in the past that I want to try something more haunting/borderline creepy and beautiful. Let’s see if I can achieve my goal!

Inked and ready for watercolor.


♪ to me – little lovers on puzzles

Yesterday while I was cleaning up my art stuff I found some MUJI blank puzzle canvases that I bought when I was in Taiwan. So cute! I just wanted to do a quick drawing with them and came up with my two little sweethearts. It was a bit difficult because drawing on puzzle pieces proved harder than on smooth paper. I had intended finer line work but realistically it would’ve gotten lost amongst the puzzle pieces.

You can see more photos on my website here.

Decal photos from all over!

After sending out my first round of test-decals to friends, I’ve received some amazing photos back of where the decals have ended up! Whether its on laptops, phones or baby wipe warmers, my creatures are having fun chillin’ in their new homes :) Thanks to everyone who sent a photo in!

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Temporary Tattoos FAIL, Awesome Decal WIN

So the temporary tattoos didn’t work out as I had planned. The entire process was a little nerve-wracking at first because I was so scared I was going to eff it up (which I almost did at some point, V can testify), and considering each sheet cost about $6 each, I wasn’t about to do it roughly. It’s a really neat process though, and I got to see how a temporary tattoo is created:

1. You print on a special paper where the ink lays on the layer and dries like a film, to be picked up later by a layer of sticky film.

2. Below is when the sticky film is applied, so now you have something that looks like any other temporary tattoo… except mine is more awesome because its custom-made.

3. Now the application is where it made me really disappointed; after applying the “tattoo” like normal, I peel back the paper to see that the film has the appearance of a saran wrap rather the semi-skin-like texture most temp tattoos should have.  SIGH. Disappointed! My skin couldn’t breathe, and when you peel it off its like those clear plastic band aids.

As disappointed as I was, however, I quickly realized that although these little creatures won’t be serving as tattoos, they make pretty sweet see-through decals. As long as you put it on a surface that is water-resistant (because you need water to apply these to the surface) you can put it on pretty much anything. I suggest binders, walls, wood, whatever that has a textured surface for the sticky part to grip. There are currently only three designs, and all three were inspired from my Creatures of Habit series. Below are some that I’ve cut out already, but I’m gonna do another sheet of them so I can give 1+ decals to each person who’s requested them :)

I can has temp tattoos?

Good thing ballpoint pen washes off :P

I’ve been wanting to get a tattoo of my own design for awhile. Of course the repercussions of having a tattoo has its drawbacks, especially in the professional world. Since I currently don’t work in a setting where I can freely sport something like a tattoo in the open, I’ve been thinking about creating my own temporary tattoos. I think I can illustrate some really cute, beautiful and simple tattoos of my creatures, but without knowing whether or not my style changes in the future, temp tattoos seems like the safest way to go. I’ve purchased a set of 5 lettersize sheets from decalpaper.com, and they seemed pretty legit judging from the little reviews about this product. Now it’s a matter of waiting and trying it out!

BIW t-shirt contest submission

My submission for the BIW t-shirt contest

I haven’t done a whole lot of drawing last week except for my bounce back with Kyle. I guess I needed some proper time to find a good photo instead of just cranking out stuff I’m not proud of, even if they are just sketches or progress. I did, however, put together a submission for my gym’s t-shirt contest. I totally forgot that it was due and had to do it last minute, but I had this idea for awhile so I wasn’t drawing based on a blank mind. I felt like climbers are really strong, so I wanted to use the gorilla, not because monkey’s climb, but also because gorillas are family-oriented. I really felt like the climbers at my gym exude a sort of familial bond where people are friendly and they take care of each other. The gorilla is turning the gears, which is a graphic element that has appeared in the previous BIW shirt, so I wanted to take something visually familiar with a concept that is different. I’ve also added foliage in the background, partly because I really liked drawing foliage for a work project, but also for the feeling of Berkeley being very organic and tangible.

Anyway, that’s my submission in a nutshell. Whatever happens, happens, but I had a lot of fun drawing that gorilla, hee hee. Their noses are so awkwardly cute!

Update: Canvas Bag & Untitled

Bag with yellow pattern

The bag is almost done! I forgot that painting on canvas is difficult unless your paint is watery enough to travel and sink into the fabric. A couple pattern units later I finally remembered and it made the rest of the work a lot easier (and less frustrating). It’s difficult to tell in the photo, but the yellow paint sat very nicely over the teal. I’m not sure if after the first iron/wash this effect will still show up, but it is something I had intended in the initial sketch. I hope it stays :/


The painting is still in progress and no where near finished. It’s partly because I’m not sure how I want to use the watercolor in terms of textural effect. Do I want everything to be very smooth and blocky, or have everything bleed and blend together? I should probably just shut up and paint…