Decal photos from all over!

After sending out my first round of test-decals to friends, I’ve received some amazing photos back of where the decals have ended up! Whether its on laptops, phones or baby wipe warmers, my creatures are having fun chillin’ in their new homes :) Thanks to everyone who sent a photo in!

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Raffle & shop!

My shop page is now up :) It was really stressful going through PayPal to see how it works but I figured it out! In promotion to launching my shop, I’m going to have a raffle to giveaway one of each print, framed nicely in a black metal frame. Please join my Facebook fanpage and comment on the welcome note to enter in a raffle to win one of the two prints!

I caught whatever cold my brother had this past weekend so I think I’ll go to bed early tonight >___< I also found an abandoned, small wasp’s nest today on the floor, perfect as a “house” for my creatures!

This is Me, Always

I want to document some part of my life that is a good representation without being completely reflective of everything.
Since I just got a new camera, I’m ready to take on this project that I’ve been wanting to do since last year. I’ll be taking photographs of every day things and paring it up with my creatures. What you see, will be a visual time line of my life starting now, and always.

Rosa C.