Train buddy

You know that feeling of being picked last for dodge ball? How about when all your girlfriends go to the bathroom together but you’re not invited? Or when you find out your family went out to dinner and you’re left back at home? Yea, that’s what I feel like sometimes after riding BART.

On my morning commutes I take the train from one of the first stops, so it gives me the opportunity to pick seats first. Being the polite person that I am, I usually pick the seat closest to the window, and not one of the disability-priority seats. As the ride goes on, the train gets pretty packed, but there are some days, when even by the 5th stop, the seat next to me is still empty. Nothing is worse than watching people step on the train to bypass you to become someone elses’ morning commute buddy. Even more ridiculous is when they prefer to stand than sit next to you and the train is already full. Seriously, give me a perfume-reeking girl, snoring oji-chan or squirmy kid — I JUST WANT TO FEEL LOVED.


Zombie Dreams

I have zombie dreams. Often. I’ve been having zombie dreams before they became the next “Big Thing” after pretty elves, men in shiny skin-tight leather, dirty pirates and sparkly vampires. I tried looking up on the internet what it meant to dream about zombies and the best it could come up with was, “you are running away from a lot of sh*t”. If zombies were chasing you, you’d run, too. But I’m not running away from anything; in my dreams I’m hacking away at these gross beings, saving my friends from being eaten, and basically just being a bad ass. I’m also kind of mean, in a realistic down-to-earth way. If somebody got bitten, you’re gone. Even if you’re my best friend. … sorry?