A love story of some sorts

I had the honor of illustrating some take away gifts for my cousin’s upcoming wedding. According to her, their love story was one of very ordinary nature, but after spending an afternoon with them in their new house, I knew there was more to discover. My cousin and her husband have a very quiet and humorous way of interacting with each other and I wanted to illustrate that. Using photos I took around their home, I transformed them into cute characters in their own world.



Breakfast drama fest today. The tots are misbehaving, per usual.

I have this breakfast rule that’s a bit like hobbit eating habits. After waking up at 6am I’ll eat my First Breakfast. After my commute to work I may eat a smaller Second Breakfast. Either way, as long as I eat breakfast, zombie transformation will be halted and I can assume normal life.

♪ to me – little lovers on puzzles

Yesterday while I was cleaning up my art stuff I found some MUJI blank puzzle canvases that I bought when I was in Taiwan. So cute! I just wanted to do a quick drawing with them and came up with my two little sweethearts. It was a bit difficult because drawing on puzzle pieces proved harder than on smooth paper. I had intended finer line work but realistically it would’ve gotten lost amongst the puzzle pieces.

You can see more photos on my website here.

Decal photos from all over!

After sending out my first round of test-decals to friends, I’ve received some amazing photos back of where the decals have ended up! Whether its on laptops, phones or baby wipe warmers, my creatures are having fun chillin’ in their new homes :) Thanks to everyone who sent a photo in!

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