Traveling Uhto

Was driving towards Davis one day and caught this guy hitching a ride on I-80. Quite unsafe, don’t you think? I drove slowly behind the semi, as to not startle him, but I think he was more worried about his fur getting in his eyes than getting noticed. There’re times when I’ve too “hitched” a ride to my destination the unconventional way. Maybe not to save time, or convenience, but because it was the only means I could get to where I needed to be. Uhto might have sacrificed safety (although I think his fur would help cushion any fall. Plus, could a creature like him get hurt, anyway??) but he taught me that sometimes its necessary to take risks to get to where you want to go.


ride mah bike

Finished the series this morning! Looking at it makes me wanna go take a ride through the park, haha. It was really fun playing with the patterns and textures in this series. I like this style too, it definitely gives my work a more polished and commercial look overall.

You can see the entire series on my website.

RIDEMAHBIKE 01 (progress)

Starting my bicycle illustration series and so far I’m just getting the background layers done first (the sky/clouds pattern and the asphalt). Tonight I’ll be working on the buildings/urban setting pattern, and tomorrow will be the actual creature ridin’ his bicycle! I always envied the guys riding their fixies because its so trendy but personally I don’t fit in that genre of style. However, I like to admire their skills and want to translate it into this series so satisfy my hidden desire to be a fixie rider :P I’m also incorporating more textures into the illustration this time so it should add more depth than my older stuff.

Also, working on a commission piece with giraffes for Katt, which style and concept-wise, will be similar to the Helping Hands series from last month! Yay new stuffs!

Tofu galore!

In June I worked on some small illustrations for a tofu article in the Hyphen Magazine! The article insert talks about the different ways to cook tofu so I came up with 7 cute (and delicious) ideas. You can see the details on my website.

I’m getting a copy of the magazine issue soon in the mail so I will scan and update this post later!

#24 Thinking of There

I went to Berkeley Bowl last week to grab some fresh vegetables when I suddenly thought of how different American markets are compared to the ones in Taiwan. Even the farmer markets here seem more sterile and perfect, with all the carrots and cabbages laid out carefully side by side. The markets in Taiwan are definitely an adventure to the senses; the smell of fresh vegetables mingled with the delicious aroma of “small eats”, some vegetables are scrubbed clean, some still with soil lay haphazardly in their non-matching bins, the plastic bags hanging in a mass on the concrete walls. Something about the explosion of colors combined with the loud cracking voices of the Obasans make the marketplace one of my favorite places to visit.

#23 Our Adventures

I’m trying too hard to define where I should be. Having to apply a definition to the state of being that I’m currently in is exhausting, but sometimes I feel that if I don’t, how will I know what I’m to become in the future? If the destination is not as important as the process of getting there, then there must be a considerable amount of risk to take. Who’s to say I won’t end up where I originally planned to? But, then again… who’s to say that where I end up is wrong? Perhaps if the journey is exciting and enjoyable, where I end up just becomes the period to the story, and not the definition of my entire adventure.

#21 Escapist

Lately I’ve been bombarded by some challenging things, but instead of charging in head-strong like I used to, I’ve been mentally escaping everything. I have this idea that weekends are reserved for maximum-relaxation, when in reality, the time should be utilized to do catch-up work and other obligations. It’s so hard to dig deep and extract that motivation to get me through the week when my mind is left by the running water, wanting to just go with the natural flow of things. When dunked in a strong current, maybe its better to just let go of it all and be pulled along. Long enough for me to regain some strength to swim where I need to go again.