Awkward bodies (POE progress)

Sunday progress for “Panel of Experts”. I still don’t know how I want to paint it so I’ve been drawing the ink portion for each piece. I found this great little book at Half Price on West Coast flowers and plants that will help me with the botanical parts. In the midst of drawing my creatures I realized that my body proportions are quite awkward. How are they posing like that? And those feet stand kinda funny… so much for 3 years of figure drawing, oh well.

I like this guy; he looks like he means business.


back to back (problems)

In early August I injured my lower back. Word was slipped disc and pinched nerves, which caused numbness in my legs and pain down to my knees. Least to say, because of this, I couldn’t do very much, and even sitting for a long time caused discomfort. But being the young and restless idiot that I am, I still went running, went out with friends, went climbing occasionally until a series of retweakings stopped me for good. When the injury first happened, I thought, “I’m too young, I’m too active, I’m still strong…” blah blah blah. Because your body doesn’t care about what you are; it just knows that its injured and it’ll take a lot of patience and time to get back to square 1 again. So here I am, having tweaked my back 3 times since the big whammo, and slapping myself on the forehead asking, “Whhyyyyy?????”

After 48 hours of lying flat on my back, I’m able to sit finally (or should I say, again) so I did some work on my polar bear stuff before my back protests. Swimming tonight to start rehabilitating myself. Sighballz.

Photo+Illu Process

A couple people have asked to see a process timeline of how I do my photo+illus, so I’ve taken some screenshots of my progress using photo+illu #24. I do everything in Illustrator and Photoshop with my tablet and it usually takes me about 2 hours to complete one (unless there’s only one character in it, then it could be less). It’s really fun to go between the two programs, especially after doing the shading and shadows at the end… very satisfying process :)

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Temporary Tattoos FAIL, Awesome Decal WIN

So the temporary tattoos didn’t work out as I had planned. The entire process was a little nerve-wracking at first because I was so scared I was going to eff it up (which I almost did at some point, V can testify), and considering each sheet cost about $6 each, I wasn’t about to do it roughly. It’s a really neat process though, and I got to see how a temporary tattoo is created:

1. You print on a special paper where the ink lays on the layer and dries like a film, to be picked up later by a layer of sticky film.

2. Below is when the sticky film is applied, so now you have something that looks like any other temporary tattoo… except mine is more awesome because its custom-made.

3. Now the application is where it made me really disappointed; after applying the “tattoo” like normal, I peel back the paper to see that the film has the appearance of a saran wrap rather the semi-skin-like texture most temp tattoos should have.  SIGH. Disappointed! My skin couldn’t breathe, and when you peel it off its like those clear plastic band aids.

As disappointed as I was, however, I quickly realized that although these little creatures won’t be serving as tattoos, they make pretty sweet see-through decals. As long as you put it on a surface that is water-resistant (because you need water to apply these to the surface) you can put it on pretty much anything. I suggest binders, walls, wood, whatever that has a textured surface for the sticky part to grip. There are currently only three designs, and all three were inspired from my Creatures of Habit series. Below are some that I’ve cut out already, but I’m gonna do another sheet of them so I can give 1+ decals to each person who’s requested them :)

Helping Hand Update

Last night after going to La Scala for some much needed cleansing of the mind (with caffeine… riiiiiight…) I came home a little keyed up but ready to get some work progressed on the Helping Hand series. The lighting of these pics are not ideal since it was 1am when I took them and only had my desk lamp turned on… . Anyway, I’ve only gotten the base watercolor patterns and some pencil outline done, but tonight I’m hoping to finish it altogether.

I feel that I usually work with smaller-sized series because A) I can finish each piece quicker so that B) they can stylistically stay the same throughout the entire process. The danger of doing a large-sized series is that each piece takes longer to finish, and there might be some style variations to each one (i.e. eye size, shading style, etc). Since the variation in my work is largely comparable in between each series, I have a tendency to want the pieces within each series to visually correlate in more specific details. So far I think Helping Hand will be a 3~4 piece series and I hope I don’t get lazy and just say “done!” at 3.

The Helping Hand 01

I’ve been getting a lot of good suggestions lately, specifically from Kyle and K, to work on a larger scale for my hand drawn work as well as incorporating actual people into the work. I must admit first that I haven’t drawn people in a long time. I had abandoned the comic book style a long time ago when I first entered college because I wanted to draw what I had thought back then to be a more refined sense of style. I find that now it is still possible to illustrate people in a style that isn’t simply cartoonish and can still be sophisticated and cater to your own personal style. Thus, I’ve started a new series, illustrated on 15″x20″ cold press watercolor paper. I’ll put up the final description when I’m done with the entire series, and in total there will be 4 pieces total in this series.

More on the banners

So I was able to finish these banners up fairly quickly. I am using these in fact for the new Paperlotus website but I’m taking my time coding and getting the gallery sections organized first. While doing this short illustration, it’s made me realize how easy it is to illustrate personalized greeting cards and other stationary stuff. At first I’ve always thought of a greeting card as a plain image or just having embellishments all around the border (I know, my imagination with this is a bit limited, haha) but now I’ve definitely found more whimsical and creative ways to go about it!